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Dei Cabrei

The term cabreo has its origins in Spanish legal terminology, used to define the limits, duties and responsabilities of territories. In Italy, the format of cabrei was established in the 15th century, thanks to the work of geometers and land surveyors. Property came to be represented by means of sophidticated drawings of a building's front elevation: churches, castles, mills, farms houses, and other buildings, along with cultivated land, orchards and woodland. The changes which have taken place throughout time in the history and rural life of Le Marche, including differences in cultivation, land and farming customs, live on in the numerous ancient cabrei preserved in historical buildings, private collections, and museums.

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Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • Saving Bank Foundantion in Pesaro;
  • Agricultural Academy Library in Pesaro;
  • Rural Academy in Treia;
  • Historical Archive of the Marche Region in Serra San Quirico;
  • Museum of Rural Life in Fabriano;