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Dei Decori

Friezes and decorations describe the evolution of the aesthetic taste and architectural and ornamental characteristics of every era. Wheter something is perceived as beautiful and elegant has long depended on the degree to which a work expresses creativity, style, refinement, social status, and spiritual aspirations. Forms and volume magnificently created by skilled artisans of wood, stucco, metals, marble, ceramics, express their culture, technique, and antique ability. The ornamentation of palaces, churches, ceilings, stairs, paving, furniture, tapestries, and even everyday objects, has transmitted meanings and evoked pelasures and ideas, ennobling spaces and sights. In Le Marche you will find many places endowed with exquisite decorations, precious coffers of beauty that, on being opened, amaze the traveller.

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Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • Ducal Palace Studiolo di Federico in Urbino;
  • Baviera Palace in Senigallia;
  • Churc of the Cross in Senigallia;
  • Pianetti Palace in Jesi;
  • San Medardo Collegiate Church in Arcevia;
  • Ruggeri Villa in Pesaro;