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del Globo

Spin the globe with your hands, searching for known or unknown far-away places! You are invited to retrace your steps, and stop the earth for one second: the globe slows down gently in contact with your fingertips … until you finally focus your sight and the random place under your fingers immediately becomes the fascinating destination of a never-sought before journey. Who knows how many times someone has made this globe spin to find a new place, a desire, an adventure.

Services: air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV sat, safe, minibar, free Wi-Fi.

Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • The Astronomic observatory at Museo del Balì of Saltara;
  • The Globes by Vincenzo Coronelli in 1682 at Biblioteca Federiciana di Fano;
  • The Globes by Gerhard Kremer, also known as Mercatore (1541-1551) at Palazzo Ducale (Duke’s Palace) of Urbania;
  • The Globe by Amazio Moroncelli in 1713 at ‘Biblioteca Spezioli’ of Fermo.