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del Tessuto

A letter dated 8 May 1775 mentions the existence of a new textile factory in Monterado, where 7 different types of fabrics were produced: towels, wash clothes, striped fabrics, etc. The yarn used for weaving was either prepared in the spinning mill along the Misa river in Senigallia or purchased from the merchants coming to Senigallia from Eastern Europe and the Middle East for the trade fair. In 1780, the looms in the Monterado factory produced linen, hemp and cotton fabrics, which were used to create elegant children clothes and rich dowries for young brides. During a visit to Senigallia, Pope Pius VI praised the manufacture of these fabrics. Evidence of such an old, prestigious activity can be found in the historical archive of Collegio Germanico in Rome, with some of the samples that were offered as a gift to the Pope.

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Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • An 18th-century clothes collection from Piersanti family at ‘Museo Piersanti’ of Matelica;
  • A Flemish tapestry collection according to Rubens’ drawings at Museo Diocesano (Diocesan Museum) of Ancona;
  • The Museo del colore (Colour Museum) in Lamoli;
  • The Museo della Mezzadria (Sharecropping Museum) in Senigallia;
  • ‘La Tela’ Museum in Macerata.