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della Carta

Miscellaneous titles, peculiar topics and never-heard before author. The good part about browsing in an old library is that you can turn the pages of time through paper books. The porous pages smell like laurel, like liquorice and like the skilful hands that shook them on the metal surface of the ‘module’ and then placed them on felt to dry.

The paper, which has noble and distant origins in this region, was used by famous intellectuals to leave us the valuable ink of their minds, with indelible ideas and reflections that accompany each and every moment of our life.

Services: air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV sat, safe, minibar, free Wi-Fi.

Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • The Watermark and Paper Museum in Fabriano;
  • The  Scriptorium of Fonte Avellana Monastery;
  • The ‘Cartoteca delle Marche’ in Serra San Quirico
  • The ‘Romolo Spezioli’ Historical Library in Fermo;
  • The Sandro Tiberi handmade paper workshop in Fabriano.