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A large belly, and a robust handle with reinforced straps create the unmistakable profile of the water and oil jar. Because of the unique properties of foul clay, which is commonly found in the Apennines and worked by the hands of wise craftsmen, the bulgy shape of this terracotta vase, which is able to resist both heat and cold, has guaranteed for centuries the best preservation of the valuable properties of local “gold”. Oil jars are beneficial, natural chests that were used to bring water to refresh the men working in the fields or to preserve the generous flavours of the traditional cuisine from the old towns and villages of the Marche.

Services: air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV sat, safe, minibar, free Wi-Fi.

Places of interest in the Marche region, not too far from here:

  • The ceramic collection of Maurri Poggi and Massimo Dolcini at the Palazzo Ducale of Urbania;
  • The Bozzi ceramic workshop in Monteottone; The Gaudenzi ceramic workshop in Fratterosa;
  • The Oil Museum in Serrapetrona;
  • The Historical oil mill in Monte San Vito;
  • The Patregnani Old Mill in Corinaldo.