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The Prince’s

The main bedroom, dominated by shades of blue, was ordered by Maximilian de Beauharnais for his wedding with the daughter of Czar Nicola I of Russia.

In a beautiful vaulted ceiling, set in the very center of the scene, you will find the mythological couple, Mars and Venus.

This delicate, emotive painting is made up of blazing torches, weapons, and decorated lunettes with music-playing angels who gambol across the vaulted ceiling in homage to the newlyweds.

The welcoming, spacious lounge is known as the ‘red room’ due to the colour that dominates the frescoes on the ceiling. The vault is made up of four refined riquadrature (restored ceiling paintings), depicting divinities and in the centre there is a splendid illustration of Apollo on his sun chariot.

The suite leads on to an extensive terrace from which you can enjoy views over the historical hamlet of Monterado and the surrounding hills.

The honeymoon suite also comprises a second, semi-circular frescoed lounge, and a large bathroom whose ceiling is decorated with delicate floral motifs.

Services: Spacious terrace with a panoramic view, satellite TV, safe, mini bar, free Wi-Fi, a bathroom with a large stone bath and a shower room with cromotherapy.

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