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The Breakfast

The breakfast room is one of the most beguiling rooms in the castle due to its wealth of frescoes with their stunning colours. The decoration of the ceiling depicts scenes of a wedding procession taken from the mythological tale of Bacchus and Ariadne. The scene as a whole, incoporating musical instruments, cups of wine, flowers and laurel wreaths, symbolizes festivity.
On the walls, a ring of finely decorated columns, brings out its debt to the classical. The fruit baskets and burning flames, positioned in the half-moon lunettes, represent fertility and vitality.
The floors in Venetian marble, decorated with geometric frames in an array of colours, along with the panoramic terrace with its view of the rolling hills and the sea, add light and sparkle to this refined setting. A large oval table in the centre of the room makes it an ideal location for special dinners, get-togethers, or business meetings.

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